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2016-03-03 11:19:48

Bearing in the installation process demanding

Development of optional sliding bearing products in the market is very mature! Bearing species are now very much, we choose the sliding bearing first consideration when product quality.
What bearing installation time to pay attention? Bearing surface is coated with anti-rust oil, you must use clean gasoline or kerosene carefully cleaned and then coated with a clean quality or high-temperature grease before installation. Cleaning bearings and housing, confirmed that no injuries or machining burrs left. Absolutely not have the housing abrasive sand, chips, etc. on the bearing coated anti-rust oil has good lubricating properties, for general purpose bearings or grease filling bearings can be used directly without washing. But before installing the bearings, with the surface coated mechanical oil inspection shaft and housing. But also seriously test shaft and housing fillet size and degree of vertical shoulder block.
Election in bearing market by many people optimistic, we have to choose high-quality products coming good after-sales service factory! Buy plain bearings we selected Savi's products, we provide you with professional services.