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2016-03-03 11:18:30

We share the prospect of plastic bearing what is it?

Plastic bearing is one, it appears in our lives is very perfect case is good. Currently, plastic bearings overseas development is very fast, is a very broad range of applications. The plastic bearings in China is still in its infancy, in the production of raw materials, product applications are relatively lacking. The past five years, the domestic market demand for plastic products has maintained a 30.3% growth, and our engineering plastics bearings mainly rely on imports. In recent years, with its excellent performance engineering plastic products get more and more widely used, the production process is constantly improving. Therefore, plastic bearings has a very broad prospect, plastic bearings users become more and more.
Since plastics have excellent self-lubricating, wear-resistant, low friction properties, plastic bearings in practical application of the effect is very good, a lot of help the healthy development of the industry, so in the next life will be plastic bearings used more and more.